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Painting with Pain Painting with Pain

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really good!

You got a really nice grip on animation! The graphics and animation were smooth and has a nice style to it aswell! Hope to see more from you :)

Keith responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I haven't done anything in 3 years so I was nervous to see how people would accept this and I'm glad with everyone's feedback. I hope to see you make more reviews on any future animations I do. :)

Another Maple Story Another Maple Story

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


That was a really intelligent and genuinely funny cartoon. The characters were really well done and can definately tell that they are real maple players, very down to earth. And it just highlights the point as to why I quit playing maple story, it just gets too freakin much >_<. But yes, a really pleasant movie, you're a very talented animator and script writer! well done =)

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Pac Man Music Video Pac Man Music Video

Rated 5 / 5 stars



TomEntwisle responds:

Why, thankyou kind sir (H)


Madness Depredation Madness Depredation

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The 5th in a series that should of ended quite a while ago, thats quite an achievement mr jolly, but i got a few things to say, i feel youve killed the magic from what the original madness films had given, for one, we had this unstoppable super man who wouldnt die, which was amusing to the people and thats how you got fans, then you got even more fans playing on the sympathy of his death, but then you kept bringing him back from deaths that no ammount of bandages could bring him back, which just makes a joke of the past madness films. If there is a 6th film, i suggest u bring someone else into the madness, not this guy thats died a few times now.

Ok to the film, graphically, superb as always, a great improvement on the other films animations too, alot more fluent, and through the intense battle scenes, you can really get a feel of action and drama. I felt though you could of had a scene on teh caliber of the final part of Madness apothesis, that was the ultimate test of animation, which you passed with flying colours.

The music, pfft, i could make better music, but i suppose that aint your fault =P. again, very atmospheric, got the heart racing a lil bit, but after a while, it did start to get on my nerves, and with no change of music, that just made it all the worse.

Violence was top notch as always :D no comments at all apart from it was beautiful, especially your crazy cwazy clown :P. good job! it makes me think though, do you have violent intentions in everyday life :P.

Very funny, but then again, i always find death funny :S dunno why :P.

Overall, not your best in my eyes, a few things, i felt you should of added the good old "how many did he kill" o-meter, but for novelities sake, youve had them in the other films, why break a tradition :P overall, good, enjoyable none the less.


...the news = my atari ...the news = my atari

Rated 5 / 5 stars

my 270th review anniversary

usually i write really long, indepth and helpful reviews to flash movies, but today, i cant be bothered, because its my 270 review anniversary,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh go on then,

i hate home videos, they blow. i feel they are cheap, very tacky and a very easy way to get into newgrounds, u did take some interesting shots which i was quite impressed with, but it just got bland,

broken speakers = no sound, MAKE SUBTITLES

style, hhmmm not bad. i did get alot of nostalgia flooding back to me which made me smile, and u did have a complex story behind the flash which was fun to figure out. so yeah u did ok

no humour, no violence, was quite horrible in this section.

in my views, it was subpar, but then again , i am not a big fan of home movie animation, maybe this will appeal to others. by all means, dont make me stop u from making more movies like this and i HOPE U ADD SOME BLASTED SUBTITLES :P.

HAPPY 270TH REVIEW ANNIVERSARY(this i why i gave u full 10s)

overall 5 out of 5 (im feeling generous)

robototron responds:

First of all thanks for the 10's and 5/5!

And, secondly, thanks for all your comments. Couple responses:

1. There was nothing to subtitle, as it only had a score.

2. The humor/violence is sort of implicit. Well, not sort of. Totally. If you don't see them, or one of them, that's understandable. It just means you don't see it as either violent or funny.

I like this format, but I can certainly see why some people don't. I encourage you to please watch these other titles (by me): "The Freelancer's Life" "Rent Day" and "Period Piece" for videos. Then, maybe check out "Here's a Thought" and "Violin on the F Train" to see two serious animations (animation is a weakness for me - be warned). And for fun, maybe check out "Oh Our Human Frailty!" and "B.N.R. & P.B.N.F"

I'd be interested to see your reactions to those, and I think you might enjoy the added reference when it comes to my work.

Thanks for writing!

Mario &amp;amp; The Wiggler Mario & The Wiggler

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


b4 u complain about why i gave you a 0 for the sound, my speakers are busted, the music was probably very good, but i have no speakers, so meh.

an extremely clever topic to base a mario flash on, it is true what you say, mario jumps on many enemies yet they cant do anything about it. i feel this was quite enlightning (hardcore gamer :D go me) and interesting to think about, and FYI, pirhana plants cant be jumped on :P

smooth sprite animation, in the same ranks as randy solem. nice choice of background, nice movement, very smooth movements, such as when mario did that really big jump into the background. i feel that with this talent, you should make something bigger.

skip sound :D

stylish, yes, very clever idea picked out from a very successful game. you could do a whole series like this like, "why cant yoshi talk, why does peach always get kidnapped or when you jump down a hole, were do they go" just some ideas, but would be successful.

violence came as jumping on enemies but i also saw some bloodstained sprites and some bones sticking out of the sprites. to raise the violence mark abit, show the violence happening, show the blood spurting out of those koopas, i would enjoy this, and it would be funny too.

The flash is funny because its true, it will make me think twice everytime i jump on an enemy now. also that joke at the end, yoshi eating the angry catapillar when we were expecting it to kick marios butt, priceless, loved it. alot more humoour could be added though.

Overall, a classic sprite movie, old school Newgrounds styled flash, funny, enlightning and a very clever topic chosen from the mario games. has room for improvement, and can be made into a series, i hope it is.


In The Woods In The Woods

Rated 3 / 5 stars

twas ok

biggest miss conception of the year, trying to think it as a horror yet you pull out comedy at the end. is a nice idea, but to build up something like that just for one joke was simply quite stupid, i was in more suspense watching death chase that guy :P.

Now onto the flash. your graphics were ok, simple as that, i feel they were suffering on such things as the mans body, because that looked very square. the lines around that people were far too sketchy, this might be the effect that you were trying to pull off, but it gave an effect like a 7 year old had drawn it. you animation was sub par. there were bits i did really enjoy, such as when the man collapses near a tree and starts breathing hard, this looked really bad, also, the way you made them run, this got repetitive and boring.

i dont have speakers so cant really do the music, have a 10 out of 10 for that anyway.

i would prefare violence to humor anyday, you set the scene so well, why didnt u put the murder into it,i would think you would get more happy people if you brutally murder that guy, or better yet, make it funny and kill him, like The Scary Movie triology, a mix of horror and comedy. as ive said before, wasting all that time just for one lame joke was pointless.

overall, it was ok, graphics were good, not sure about sound. full of tension and suspense, a very good build up to a somewhat mediorce climax. rough animation and a shakey looking outline for the characters too needs revising.


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C&amp;amp;D #1 The Trip begins C&D #1 The Trip begins

Rated 4 / 5 stars


first thing i thought was, fantastic photogramation, (animation with photos) this technique is very hard to do, and other flashes that i have seen have failed to impress me, but u have done very well. i think u could make the animation even more smoother, but i have no problems with it.

the sounds were good, i liked the voice acting, u both have funny accents (no offence), this will make them want to watch the show even more. the sound effects were all placed well, but the music was very annoying, maybe its my taste in music, but i really didnt like it.

the style was new and innotive, photogramation is a very cool animation effect and im quite glad you chose to use it, it shows how daring animators are with different styles.

comedy,,, hhmmmmm not that funny. some bits were good, but no where in the flash was it incredibly funny, maybe u need to work on this.

overall, a very stylish flash, some problems such as jagged animation at times, lack of comedy and choice of music, but with a good story, and 2 characters that will be remembered, i think this flash will be voted on well. well done


RavenJinn responds:

This is what I call a review,
Great, just great.
You are completely right,
In the next episode all points you said will be done better.
the differents between this episode and the next one is, that ep1 was just improvising, but Ep2 has a script, a good story,

thnx a lot m8!
god bles u

Zelda: Heroic Rage 5 Zelda: Heroic Rage 5

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


The fact that the ending fight with Ganon was so popular as a video game, was the genius graphics style that Nintendo used to create both an exciting and atmospheric battle. Now you got both of these qualities through the fight scene, but your graphics did suffer, i thought at times they were way too simple for my liking, such as the picture of Zelda and Link at the end just look awful.

It is a good piece of Zelda music, the end battle scene, both heart warming, suspense filling, tense. It was a nice thing to hear whilst watching a top notch fight. Also the sound effects were very fitting, and suited the flash well, well done on that.

The style, i liked, you pulled a new fight, using a variety of different weapons, having very different moves that you couldnt perform on the game, which I found very interesting to watch.What i didnt like though was how Link survived such punishment from Ganon. He was punched, tripped up on and hit the ground hard, quite alot of times, yet he still didnt die till the end, something more realistic next time(i know zeldas not real, but keep it as real as possible).

With a fight scene dominating the flash, Violence is always going to be your main strentgh, and you my friend did well. There was blood, there was pain, eyes being poked out, tusks being cut off, it was a full painfest, which will appeal to alot of newgrounds people, well done on that too.

I loved it, a violent, well coordinated piece of work. A nice fight, and its very good that you just didnt copy every move off the Zelda game. Work on your drawing though, and then you will get all my 5s.

Overall, 4 out of 5

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SolidSacketh responds:

That was a lot to read man. But it's appreciated. Um...where to start...I know Link got hurt a lot but it's the way of the warrior to get back up and keep going. Keep in mind how bad ass Link has become since episode one...If you watched it I guess. A weak version of Ganon kicked his ass. I try at the graphics but a computer isn't a pencil and paper. I admit the graphics were better than part 4 though...I think..

Newgrounds News 9 Newgrounds News 9

Rated 4 / 5 stars


What i like so much about this submission is its idea, i have been dying to make a show like this, were you can introduce new projects by the pro-animators, its such a damn good idea, so theres your 10 style marks.

Now although you did good, it could have been alot more. I would of liked to see a big showbiz styled starting, maybe music, and such. Calling it a talk show more then a news show will help you alot, because you would be able to add an audience, both for graphical content (more realistic) and to make it funnier (crowd shouting stuff out).

I originally saw this as a family friendly cartoon, yet i hear swearing in it, keeping the swearing out would get more credit out of me. Talking of sound, your microphone is scratchy, bad quality.

Graphics were a bit rough, but really didnt cause a problem with me, maybe touch up on the desk and add more background detail, but overall, im fine with it.

I like the fact that you accept callers, a very nice idea, which will be popular to the Newgrounds people. Also, i like the effort in research you have done, that has impressed me, and to have the latest screenshots from three very talented artists is simply amazing!1

Overall, style and effort is fantastic, cant get better, graphics were good, not great, but the sound (mic quality etc) could be alot better.

Ps, nice impression of Alfred ^^

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